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WD Editions announces the publication of a major monograph on Rauzier's oeuvre.

This hardcover book features an essay by Damien Sausset and the artist's commentaries about many of his works and the process behind their creation.

There are 70 large-format reproductions over 192 pages.

$45 or £35, not including postage or packing.

ISBN: 978-2-9568679-0-6

For inquiries and to order the book, please contact the gallery either in New York or London:

New York

+ 1 (212) 717 9100


+ 44 (0)20 7734 7800

“I can still remember the astonishment I felt when I saw a Hyperphoto by Jean-François Rauzier for the first time in 2009. I wondered what exactly I was looking at and how such a complex image was created. The scale was initially overpowering, but I soon came to revel in the phenomenal digital photography skills, the extraordinary detail and what seemed to me like the compositional talents of a great painter. I also smiled at all the witty cultural references.

Ten years later, and after selling nearly 350 Hyperphotos, I still admire the many exceptional aspects of Rauzier’s work. I have been lucky to be able to share my passion with numerous clients in USA, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East and to see his pieces displayed in many museums, exhibitions, and private homes. Viewers are captivated by the way Rauzier’s work transforms reality; it fascinates us with its scale and takes the viewer on a journey to a new fantastic cityscape or museum or library, presented sometimes as a capricious contemporary vision and sometimes as a baroque masterpiece.

Rauzier incorporates hundreds or thousands of high-resolution images into each work, using sophisticated digital technology to stitch each detail into large compositions. Many photographers know how to use Photoshop – Rauzier is unique because of his extraordinary compositional skills because his artistic and literary knowledge allow him to add so many wonderful references, and because of his occasional touches of humor.

Ray Waterhouse, New York

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