Hyperphoto: Jean-François Rauzier

Announcing the publication of the artist's first major monograph
By Jean-François Rauzier, with an introduction from Ray Waterhouse and essay by Damien Sausset, 2019

Publisher: Waterhouse & Dodd Editions.

ISBN: 978-2-9568679-0-6

Pages: 192

$45 or £35, not including postage or packing. 


Waterhouse & Dodd Editions is pleased to announce the publication of Hyperphoto: Jean-François Rauzier, the first monograph on the life’s work of the extraordinary contemporary photographer Jean-François Rauzier. An entirely unique artist, Rauzier has been a true pioneer in developing the artform of digital photo collage and is widely recognized for his complex and large-scale signature technique. Incorporating elements from his extensive knowledge of art and history within detailed images of the most iconic cities and structures around the world, Rauzier transforms reality into fantastical dreams and visions of utopian architecture.


This beautifully crafted artist monograph contains over 70 vivid, full color illustrations of the most significant works produced throughout his career. Included with the images are interviews and excerpts from Rauzier on his inspiration and the artistic process by which he brings his images to life. The book also includes a forward by art dealer Ray Waterhouse and an essay by art critic Damien Sausset; the text within is in both English and French. This stunning coffee table book will have broad appeal for the avid art appreciator, photography enthusiasts and academics, architects and interior designers, and book collectors alike.


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$45 or £35, not including postage or packing.