Selected by Katerina Blackwood

KIM KEEVER, Abstract 51277, 2020


This week our spotlight is on one of the newest works by Kim Keever. This photograph, along with four others from this series, has just been sent to us by Kim from his newly established studio in Miami. The artist's fresh start and the featured Abstract bring us all the inspiration to reset and look forward to new beginnings.


In his recent interview, Kim Keever described his artistic process as experimental. While he is setting the scene in his 200-gallon water tank with occasional objects and prepares the paints to pour in the water, the rest is happening randomly while the elements in the tank interact uncontrollably leading to a new and unexpected result every single time. The artist explains that he never knows what kind of image he is going to get until he sits down to review the photographs he took. Kim always points out that he never alters his artworks by enhancing the colors or manipulating his pictures otherwise. This way he preserves the fragile magic of fleeting moment caught on camera. Sometimes cloudy pigment formations in his tank appear in the shapes of faces, figures or animals, but the artist deliberately leads the viewer away from such conclusions by titling each one of his work 'Abstract' followed by a number.


Kim Keever started his photography career in New York City, working for over four decades on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Recently he has moved to Miami where he now lives and works. Keever's work is in numerous important public and private collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn. Waterhouse & Dodd has represented Kim Keever since 2013. Recent and upcoming exhibitions of Kim Keever's work in the US include Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, North Carolina Museum of Art, New Britain Museum of American Art in Connecticut, 2018, and Figge Museum in Davenport, Iowa. 2019. Keever's work will be shown internationally at the Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation, Berlin, 2018; Kallmann-Museum Ismaning, Museum Haus Ludwig Saarlouis, Stadtgalerie Kiel, 2019; and Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung in Berlin, 2020.

KIM KEEVER (American, b. 1955)
Abstract 51277, 2020
Archival pigment print
28 x 35 in or 44 x 60 in
71 x 89 cm or 112 x 152 cm
Edition of 5 plus 2 artist's proofs


August 5, 2020