Recent press from Borough:David Bomberg & his students at Borough polytechnic


Our major exhibition dedicated to David Bomberg and the artists who studied under him at the Borough Polytechnic has just closed. The exhibition featured over a dozen artists, from the well-known (Bomberg, Frank Auerbach and Leon Kossoff) to those more under-rated if not forgotten (Garth Scott and Cecil Bailey for instance). We exhibited important works by all key members of the Borough Group, making over 25 sales.


The exhibition was supported by a series of talks and collector functions. Our success was helped in no small part by major shows at other commercial and public galleries of artists such as Miles Richmond, Dennis Creffield and Frank Auerbach. We are very pleased with the critical reception the exhibition garnered, and it is our pleasure to share with you a few of the notices and reviews the show had in the British and International press.


"This outstanding show brings together the work of (Bomberg's) most notable pupils, and rightly gives Bomberg's later output the attention it deserves. There are some extraordinary exhibits here." The Week


"A top-notch exhibition." Nicholas Usherwood - Galleries Magazine


"The show and the informative, profusely illustrated catalogue are evidence that Bomberg's creed of the 'Spirit in the Mass' continues to inspire." David Buckman - Critics Circle


"This (sale of works by Dorothy Mead is a) classic example of how dealers are exploring the market for neglected artists ahead of the auction rooms." Colin Gleadell - The Telegraph


"Back to art history, and Waterhouse & Dodd's terrific exhibition, 'Borough'. Bomberg, the most promising of the Vorticists, was down on his luck as an artist by the end of the Second World War. Despite wide acclaim for his Blitz paintings, he couldn't get a job at a 'respectable' institution for love nor money. Neither of which he had, anyway….This is a showcase for the artists who rallied around him at Borough (Polytechnic), including Frank Auerbach and Leon Kossoff, and it's marvellous. Best of the lot here is Dorothy Mead, whose tragically premature death cut short a career of staggering promise. Her dazzling figures and landscapes from the 1960s might seem at odds with the work of the British avant-garde of the time, but while they have a firm grounding in the modernity of Bomberg's vintage, they shimmer with pop art's energy and irreverence." Digby Warde-Aldam - Apollo Magazine


The exhibition has also featured in The Burlington Magazine, Time Out, Antiques Trade Gazette, The Independent, Jewish Renaissance and various online publications.

November 2, 2015