Doug Argue Featured in Huffpost Arts & Culture Review for Art New York

New York

In a Huffington Post editorial on May 2, 2016, art critic Bruce Helander listed Doug Argue along with 7 other artists showing at CONTEXT and Art New York as artists with the "most engaging and interesting works" to look for.


Helander writes: "Doug Argue has developed a singular pictorial language that literally incorporates letter forms and mysterious word equations stretching inventively in all directions, like a professional contortionist who seems comfortable pushing boundaries. The foundation of this recent series of letterscapes is an endless, meandering puzzle-like spiral of thick colorful lines, reminiscent of early Brice Marden's sensibility with a twist of Christopher Wool. In the work illustrated here, which has the spirit of a subway map gone wild, Argue cleverly incorporates text that reflects a New York state of mind accented with the curvy names of boroughs, streets, spaces and places, and a little sex thrown in for good measure."


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Visit Waterhouse & Dodd at Art New York from May 3 - 8 in booth A8. Please contact the New York gallery for details.

May 2, 2016