Peter Lowe in BP Spotlight Exhibition SYSTEMS at Tate Britain


Peter Lowe's work is being featured in the BP Spotlight Exhibition SYSTEMS at Tate Britain from 18th July 2016 until 17th April 2017.


The Tate explains that "This exhibition explores the Systems group, who were a group of artists formed in 1969. One focus for these artists was a belief that following a rational, systematic, procedure (often based in mathematics) to make artwork was often as important, if not more so than the finished object. This theory influenced their work in different mediums from painting to sculpture.


This Spotlight presents work by the group's core members from their most significant moment, an Arts Council touring exhibition in 1972-73 that originated at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in London. It includes paintings and sculptures as well as drawings, photographs and plans of final works that illustrate Systems' defining methodical working process."


To coincide with the Tate exhibition, we are showing a selection of art by the Systems Group as well as other British Abstract artists at our Albemarle Street gallery. Included are works by Peter Lowe, Gillian Wise and Anthony Hill. One of the works being shown is the drawing which is the study for Diagonal Grey Relief by Lowe (illustrated right) which belongs to the Tate collection.

July 22, 2016