Visible - Invisible: Four Female Abstract Artists

12 September - 3 October

Waterhouse & Dodd is delighted to present a selection of works by four artists working in abstraction: Danielle Frankenthal, Cheryl Goldsleger, Iris Rufert-Rivo, and Annina Roeschiesen.


All four artists strive to make the intangible fabric of our lives visible, whether that be the effects of color and light, cultural conditioning and upheaval, vibrational energies generated by human connection, or links between perception, thought, and vision. These frequencies are then translated to new visual languages, often in complex and striking ways. Each artist works in layers, building up pigments, marks, and structures to form their visions, creating interplays between the varied surfaces. Each work is distinct, but shares a similar focus on translation or transmutation, of rendering thought and discourse onto a material surface. Each piece is not only an aesthetic display, but a method of thinking through complicated concepts and rendering them comprehensible to all.


September 12, 2022