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JACQUELINE GOUREVITCHFrench-American b. 1933

JACQUELINE GOUREVITCHFrench-American b. 1933

Jacqueline Gourevitch’s paintings are based on a creative mixture of observation, memory and invention. She is as involved with the process and materials of painting as with the act of seeing. Says the artist of her work: “I have never found appearances to be superficial and want paintings that invite close scrutiny and like the world around us reveal themselves gradually over time, prompting surprise, renewed inquiry and contemplation.”

An accomplished artist in many respects and over a lengthy career, Gourevitch continues to be deeply interested in the way things look and how they hang together, both in nature and in our constructed built environment: above and below. She will often have very different bodies of work in progress at the same time – airy, abstract cloud paintings; structured geometrical cityscapes; and linear aerial views of unknown terrain.

Her cloud paintings may at first seem very different from the city or terrain works, in both motif and style, but in fact they inform and complement each other. Larger cloud paintings are painted in the artist’s studio, often over an extended period of time and the very small ones are often titled by the date of the day on which they were painted from direct observation.

Jacqueline Gourevitch began exhibiting her work in the mid-50’s while studying at the University of Chicago and the School of the Chicago Art Institute. She first started her on-going series of cloud paintings in the mid-60’s and has continued since. Gourevitch has had numerous solo and group exhibitions with galleries and museums throughout the US and abroad, including the Asheville Art Musuem, NC, Black Mountain College, NC, the deCordova Museum, MA, 1973 Whitney Biennial, NY, the Academy of Arts & Letters, NY, the National Academy Museum, NY, the Morgan Library & Museum, NY, and the Painting Center, NY. She is the recipient of the American Academy of Arts & Letters Award, the Obrig Prize, and a National Endowment of the Arts Artist Grant. Select collections where her work can be found include the Art Institute of Chicago, the Morgan Library & Musuem, the Menil Collection, TX, the National Academy, NY, Yale University Art Gallery, CT, Museum of the City of New York, Provincetown Art Association, RI, Asheville Art Musuem, NC, Wadsworth Atheneum, CT, University of California Berkeley, CA, De Cordova Museum, MA, and the William Benton Museum, CT.

Jacqueline Gourevitch lives and works in New York.