In addition to the fine art galleries they have established in New York and London, Ray Waterhouse and Jonathan Dodd founded Fine Art Brokers to help clients with all aspects of buying and selling works of art. Having worked together since 1982, Ray and Jonathan have jointly bought and sold over 5,000 works of art. They have assembled a formidable group of experts to make up the office teams in New York, London and Paris. 


Fine Art Brokers provides the inside track on the art market to collectors, institutions and fiduciaries. Most art advisors claim to provide objective advice; FAB does not. We use our actual experience of the market and negotiating to offer practical and strategic advice on all aspects of collecting, while always having our clients’ interests foremost.


On behalf of our clients we have travelled the world and sourced and sold art from $20,000 to more than $20 million. We have advised on transactions totaling over three-quarters of a billion dollars. 


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