MARTYN BREWSTER: Light and Harmony: New York

Waterhouse & Dodd has held five successful solo shows of the work of Martyn Brewster in our London gallery. This is his first exhibition in the US. This show presents a number of early works from 1987 to 1998, as well as recent works from 2019. His earlier paintings are characterized by very thickly applied oil paint and deep rich colors. In this London period he was strongly influenced by Nicolas de Stael and Serge Poliakoff. He retains a particular admiration for John Hoyland and the St Ives School. The more recent works employ thinner glazes of acrylic paint in a more vibrant palette and often subtle collage elements.


Brewster's abstract paintings from the last 25 years are strongly linked to the English landscape tradition. His paintings and drawings explore the natural light of the southwestern coast of the UK in Dorset, where he has lived since leaving London in the early 1990s. "My primary concern has always been with painting. I have never ceased to be fascinated and enthralled by the tactile and evocative qualities of paint, oil paint especially. Early on, I developed a particular interest in color and abstraction which is the key to my work, coupled with a lyrical and poetic response to both nature and the medium."


We are delighted to present Martyn Brewster's paintings to our clients in America. His works are already in a number of important private and public collections in the UK, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Museum, and the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum.