Tales from the Lens: New Contemporary Photography: Online Only

Waterhouse & Dodd is pleased to announce Tales from the Lens, our virtual exhibition of photographic works by some of the gallery’s leading established photographers alongside a selection of vibrant, new visions in contemporary photography.


The exhibition brings together both new and traditional means of image-making, highlighting where craft and concept come together to create new vantage points. From the meticulously crafted, photographed, and digitally stitched scenes by Kevin Vucic-Shepherd and Jean Francois Rauzier; to the mysterious, minimalist and tonal explorations of Kenan Aktülün, Constance Thalken, Shadi Ghadirian and Jay Zukerkorn; and beyond to the fantastical and dystopian landscapes staged in the photos by Chen Jiagang, Miru Kim and early Kim Keever works, this curated show presents a broad but interconnected range of diverse artistic visions and images of contemporary culture from around the globe.


Tales from the Lens is on view online September 15th through October 31st.


For additional information on the exhibit or the artists, please contact our New York gallery at +1(212)717-9100 or email us at newyork@waterhousedodd.com