GRAHAM DEAN: Watercolours: Online only

Waterhouse & Dodd are delighted to present selected watercolours direct from Graham Dean's studio. This month marks 10 years since we closed our third exhibition of works by Graham Dean in London (a fourth solo exhibition had also been mounted in New York).


Graham has worked exclusively in watercolour for over 30 years and the vast majority of his output over that period has been figurative. His work seems particularly apt at the present time, especially his smaller scale single figure works of which this is a prime example. Graham’s work refers to the concept of the body as a ‘holding pen for emotions’ where layers of experiences, ideas and memories are held within the skin. His paintings of figures and not conventional portraits although many are painted directly from the model, nor are they conventionally representational, instead they are explorations of the human condition. The application of thin washes of watercolour adds to the layering metaphor, as does the overlapping of several sheets of paper in the larger compositions.


For further information and pricing, please contact:

Jamie Anderson


T: (+44) 020 7734 7800