Jean-François Rauzier's Hyperphotos: New York

From April 22 through May 12, 2015, Waterhouse & Dodd will host an exhibition of 13 works by Jean-François Rauzier.


Jean-François Rauzier is an internationally acclaimed photographer, who has had museum shows in Paris, Moscow, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. Waterhouse & Dodd is his exclusive agent in the USA, UK and Middle East and has shown his work in exhibitions and fairs in New York, Palm Beach, Miami, Los Angeles, Abu Dhabi, Maastricht and London, selling over 200 of his ‘Hyperphotos'.


Rauzier carefully composes each work from elements and images he has collected over many years, working in some ways more like a painter than a photographer, creating his own supernatural man-made world. Using digital technology, he cuts, moves and constructs buildings, gardens, animals, and many other objects, carefully collected during long photographic sessions to inspire a new fantastic landscape, a capricious picture or a baroque masterpiece. He strives to transform the world according to his dreams, wishes and anxieties, and to recreate the magic and secrecy of ancient legends and stories using 21st century media.


Size variations may be possible if further works are available in the edition.


All titles are produced in just one edition of 8, regardless of size. Furthermore, each individual edition number has a unique detail added by the artist. Please contact the gallery about the availability of each edition.


All works in the exhibition are C-Type prints, Diasec mounted on aluminum, the best possible conservation practice currently available.


Please contact for more information.