Doug Argue: Palimpsests: New York


 n. In extended use: a thing likened to such a writing surface, esp. in having been reused or altered while still retaining traces of its earlier form; a multilayered record.


We are delighted to present the first solo show of paintings by Doug Argue at Waterhouse & Dodd. Doug has already developed a devoted following from many distinguished collectors which his beautiful, lyrical paintings - multi-layered in both conception and execution - certainly deserve. His two large paintings recently commissioned for the One World Trace Center lobby have brought him much acclaim, and have enabled his work to be discovered and appreciated by thousands in their daily routines.


We believe Palimpsests, the first exhibition by an American artist in our Madison Avenue gallery, will further his reputation substantially. Doug's exhibition during the 2015 Venice Biennale received rave reviews, and at the time of writing has been seen by over 2,000 art enthusiastic viewers. Waterhouse & Dodd will be developing his international exposure over the coming years, organizing solo and group shows for him tin Europe. We will also be exhibiting his work ourselves at major art fairs in the United States and Europe.


For more information, please contact or (212) 717-9100.