Teresa Gonçalves Lobo: LONDON

Waterhouse & Dodd are pleased to be hosting the launch of Unstill / Inquieto, a book by the Portuguese artist Teresa Gonçalves Lobo in collaboration with the poet Robert Vas Dias.  An accompanying exhibition of stunning drawings by Gonçalves Lobo's work will also be on view at the gallery. The art critic and writer Mel Gooding writes of the collaboration:


“Here it is: something potential, beautifully realised. It works in a special way: for in his text Vas Dias's word-lines are akin to a kind of drawing; and in her drawings Gonçalves Lobo's lines are akin to a kind of writing. In both there is a simple linear evocation of an element that knows no lines: the sea, the sea, that presents turbulence or calm alike as undifferentiated chaos, in which everything human, imaginative and creative, was and is ever potential.”


Teresa Gonçalves Lobo was born in Funchal, Madeira, in 1968, and has made a consistent career as an artist, exhibiting regularly in galleries and museums not only in Portugal, but also in France, Russia, Austria and Spain. She is currently represented by the Salgadeiras Gallery, in Lisbon, the city where she lives and works. She has a second atelier in her natal city, Funchal, in addition to her studio in Lisbon.


Having studied drawing, painting, engraving and photography in Ar.Co Centro de Comunicação Visual and Cenjor, respectively, Gonçalves Lobo has since adopted a very particular and original method of drawing, in a personal style of vivid gestural lines, calligraphic shapes and delicate brush strokes that are emotional and fluid. Her work is based on intuition and improvisation, depicting abstract landscapes that are ambiguous and subtly feminine. Teresa Gonçalves Lobo has developed her techniques, transposing her bidimensional drawings into sculpture and even furniture design, an experience which led her to exhibit her “i Chair Long” in the Grand Palais, in Paris for the show “Revelations”, part of the Paris Design Week 2013.


Gonçalves Lobo is represented in numerous public and private national and international collections.