“Art, is a non-verbal and universal language,

a free language

a language of freedom.

This language of art creates awareness and brings us back to our emotional truths.

Where words tend to possess our minds –

the artistic language pierces our emotional bodies,

revealing and setting free our very own emotional truths.

Free of any judgments or barriers,

this language of art is an instigator to seek your own truth.

…to find your own faith.

…to own your own freedom.

Art is free

Art is universal

Art is noise and art is silence .

Untainted by the external world, art is the language of past, present and future lived in one moment within you.”


Roescheisen is a multimedia fine artist. Her work includes video, photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, performance art, and documentary.


Her multimedia works deal with spiritual and human investigations. Themes of the self & the other, the inner & outer world, the visible & the invisible, dream & reality and moreover shifts in perspective, impact of color and its symbolism as well as human emotions.

Roescheisen’s early work (2013-2017/18) shows an autobiographical part that is mixed with underlying concepts such as iconography, poetry, literature, medieval art, German romanticism, Gothic architecture and fairy tales. Dream and reality switch in a constant interplay. Furthermore her work shifts between child- and adulthood, shedding light on human existence through diverse artistic mediums.