Carolina Sardi is an Argentinean sculptor based in Miami, Florida since 1995.

In her artist's statement, Carolina proclaims: 

"My pieces are about the deep connections between every component of the universe. The reference to natural shapes, geometry and the use of positive and negative spaces are my response to the search of a balance between opposites. Although I work mainly with steel and aluminum, my sculptures and installations have an organic sensibility that reflects my interest in the basic interactions of life. Wall compositions are separated from the surface of the walls with a distance of one or two inches, creating a floating effect in the space that is enhanced by light and shadows. The blank walls become the medium and support for each one of these installations. Free standing and suspended pieces use the void as the main visual element. Space it's a medium and transparency it's always an important factor in these pieces.


Color is used to emphasize the strength of each shape and the placement of the shapes in the space. The concept behind each artwork is for me as important as the aesthetic image and the space is as important as the shapes that create the whole composition.


Organic biomorphic shapes and geometric figures are used to create compositions that can be seen as a representation of nature, cosmos and phenomena; but subjects and messages remain always open to personal interpretations. The interaction with the spectator brings forth multiple ways of reading each composition."