Jean-François Rauzier

French (Born 1952)

Where to view Rauzier’s work in the USA, 2014:

A major solo exhibition, 958 Madison Avenue, NY
May 28th - June 28th
Art Wynwood
February 13 - February 18
Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antiques Show
February 14 - February 19
Pulse New York
May 9 - May 12

In 2002, when Jean-François Rauzier created his first ‘Hyperphotos’, he was a highly established photographer who had been searching for a radically new creative method for many years. In his ‘Hyperphotos’ he strives to capture “the panorama and the macro view all at once, to stop time and to have the possibility of viewing all the details of a static image.” Rauzier’s work transforms reality; it fascinates us with its scale, and takes the viewer on a journey to a new fantastic landscape or cityscape, a capricious picture or a baroque masterpiece.

Rauzier incorporates thousands of high-resolution details into each work, using digital technology to stitch them into large compositions, yet maintaining the focus and sharpness of the smallest detail. He transforms the world according to his dreams, wishes and anxieties, and recreates the magic and secrecy of ancient legends and stories into modern fantasies, using 21st century media. His mastery of technology would not be worthy unless it was combined with a true artistic vision. Rauzier also possesses a deep knowledge of literature, art history and history, and utilizes all these, as well as his unique wit and humor.

Jean-François Rauzier has had museum shows in Bordeaux, Brussels, Dinard, Los Angeles, Moscow, Paris, Versailles and Washington DC. He has had solo shows in Barcelona, Brussels, Beijing, London, Los Angeles, Moscow, New York, Paris, Versailles and Washington DC. He has also created commissioned works for public institutions as well as both private and corporate clients in Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Paris and Riyadh.  

Jean Francois Rauzier - CV

Hyperphotos, 2011, London

Hyperphotos, 2010, New York

Hyperphotos, 2009, London